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# Contract Play Manage

Create a game - WHICH HAND (own contract)

New game contract will be created. It will be completely yours, only you can control it's balance - top up and withdraw funds.

This game uses the same contract type with COIN FLIP.
The only difference is front-end (UI).
We strongly recommend to create a new contract for each new game. If you use a single contract for different game types players may be confused because all these games will have the same stats.

Game owner's wallet address:

Use another address:

Your commission:


Wallet for commission:

Use another address:

Create jackpots:

Jackpot contract:

Daily  %
Weekly  %
Monthly  %
Yearly  %

Create referral program:

Use existing (enter contract address):  
Create new

Referral commission:   %

Referral commission is taken from your commission, so for referral bets your remaining commission is % ( - )

Let's check the commissions:

Please input a sample bet size:   TRX
Commissions: 1.0% - our commission, 2.0% - your commission (total: 3.0%)
To jackpots: %
Total commissions: 3.0% of the bet, or 1.5% of winning amount
Bet processing bot: 2 TRX
Winning amount: 1970 TRX (%)

Have you checked everything? Then let's create this game:

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